Every Problem In Your Clinic Has Already Been Fixed

What exactly do you do? Somebody asked me that not long ago, and it got me thinking.

You see, every single problem that your business faces or is ever going to face, has already been solved by somebody else, but typically as business owners – because we’re an independent breed – we think up our own solutions to problems were having. It’s something I’ve done it myself.

The issue with doing this though, is that it takes a hell of a lot longer to reach a solution (and in some cases it’s the wrong solution and just ends up causing more problems). Worse than that even, is that as business owners we often keep on fixing the same problems – time after time – rather than creating a system or process to solve it once and make sure that the problem never happens again.

It really is the secret to success. In fact, without exception all of the super-successful business owners I’ve interviewed are process driven, which means they’ve put systems and processes into their business which allow them to fix a problem, but fix it just the once, and make sure that changes are made to prevent it happening again.

So, back to the earlier question. What do I do? I fix problems permanently for clients, and I help them plan for growth and predict the opportunities and challenges ahead of them.

Today’s top tip then is to stop reinventing the wheel. Trust me that all of the hard work has already been done for you by somebody else, no matter what the issue, whether its getting new clients, getting staff working for you, getting your existing clients spending more, you just need to access the tried-and-tested solutions.

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach