Clinic Training For You and Your Team

Clinic Training is Essential

Carrying out regular clinic training and appraisals is critical for building a team that excels, and it has to be a two-way process. This is about finding out what they’d like in the way of support and training, and also allows you to set targets and expectations. It can feel like a time-consuming task but the effort is absolutely worth it, after all, if you’re not communicating with your team and they’re not exactly sure of what’s expected of them, how can they grow? So, you need to cover successes that have been achieved, share constructive criticism to help them improve if there have been any problems, and identify any skills needed and training that’s required.

Clinic Training Gets People Working More Effectively

Getting your team to understand your sales process, sales scripts, customer journey and how to treat the client is absolutely critical for your clinic’s success. Don’t expect people to do things just because you’ve told them once. Not only do you have to hold regular trainings but you need to explain why you’re doing things the way you are so that the team (and you) really understand the customer journey.

It’s Not Just About Doing Clinic Training Once

Also, try to look for improvements. Once you’ve set everything out and you’re tracking and measuring your results, you can start tweaking things to see if you can get small improvements, if you’ve ever seen me speak or downloaded my free report you’ll understand what I mean by the power of small changes being able to double your clinic’s turnover and none of it is rocket science!

Plan For Clinic Training Sessions

Basically the better trained you and your team are, the more successful your clinic training, the more successful your clinic will be and the quicker everything will fall into place for you.

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach