The Importance of Clinic Follow Up

Clinic Follow Up Is Vital

Clinic follow up is an absolute must, I’ve approached a lot of household-name business owners for interviews on the mindset of the super-successful for my next book, and I always follow up and get a response from the person in question, even if it is a no. You can imagine how many approaches some of these people get, how busy they are, and how – as I’m only offering a donation to a charity of their choice – it may not be their core priority.

To Fail At Clinic Follow Up Is So Easy

If I can touch some of the hardest-to-reach people in the country using this method, you can absolutely use it to get in front of your dream clients. Personalise what you send them where you can, and even if you’re sending something more tried-and-tested like a KitKat and a tea bag offering them the chance to ‘take a break’, they’re far more likely to engage with whatever it is you are sending them.

But, and here’s the pitfall for many, just because you’ve sent them something, don’t expect them to ring you. You absolutely need to follow up. You can also try to drive them to do something online, then you can see if they’re interested, preferably with a phone call if you can, maybe an email checking that the box got through or even something prior to you sending the package just to say ‘something’s on its way to you, to create a little intrigue. The main thing is to have some steps in place and to follow up on the phone with further follow-ups planned for if you don’t get through to them initially. Remember the lifetime value of these clients, and work out in your head what you would be prepared to pay to get them as clients.

You Have To Do Clinic Follow Up Because Everyone Is Busy

Just while we’re thinking about sales, are you going to buy a car today? This year? In the next three years? How about the next five years? Chances are if you didn’t say yes to any of the others, you definitely said yes to that last one, and it will be the same for your potential clients. They might not be buying today but they will be at some point, and your job is to stay in front of them so that when they do buy, you’re front of mind to contact. So, stay in touch with them, and make sure that you link with them on all the social media platforms they’re on too.

Clinic Follow Up May Last Years

Just make sure that your clinic follow up is done so that when they think about the services or product that you deliver, they think about you.

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach