Clinics First Contact And Questions You Should Ask New Enquiries

Clinics First Contact Are So Important

Clinics first contact call off someone represents a huge opportunity for you to get people through the door to see how great you are, so typically the end goal in this conversation isn’t to make a sale, it’s to make an appointment. You will get some people asking about price – as I’ve already mentioned, 20% of the population buy based on price, and I’d recommend you don’t target these people for clients, they have no loyalty tend to be the biggest pain and they will leave you for 50p. The others may mention price but are trying to get a feel for the market and this is a great opportunity for you.

Get The Clinics First Contact Call Wrong And It Will Cost You lots of Money

You need to turn the conversation away from price and start asking questions. Take a breath and start with ‘would it be okay to ask you a few questions’… You can then ask some questions to raise their awareness of what they need to know to get the safest, best value for money treatments or services in your sector. You can ask them for their email address and offer to send them a guide called ‘seven questions to ask’ or ‘three most common mistakes people make when getting xxxxxx treatment’, (Click Here to see my blog on it)

Clinics First Contact Is All About Getting An Appointment

Ultimately you want to get them into your clinic for a free, no obligation consultation (or something similar) however do make sure that you take a refundable deposit as it will ensure for the most part that people are serious, and it’ll dissuade people from not turning up.

In The Clinics First Contact, Make An Appointment And Take a Deposit

We need to avoid this scenario at all costs because as well as wasting your time, when you do try to call them to rebook the consultation, they may not answer the phone because they’re too embarrassed about letting you down. If you’ve taken a deposit and life has gotten in the way, psychologically you’re more likely to be able to make contact and rebook so it hasn’t been a complete loss.

Clinics first contact is a great time to make a great first impression.

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach