Advice And Guidance To Position You As The Best Clinic

Positioning Yourself as The Best Clinic, Isn’t Hard

Developing lead magnets to position yourself as the Best Clinic (advice and guidance-based content) to give to potential clients or to allow them to download from your website is an excellent way of positioning yourself as an expert in your field. The idea is that you don’t sell to whomever is taking the guide, but you instead advise them on what questions they need to ask, or which common mistakes people make when engaging with clinics in your sector, for example.

I have a lead magnet on my site which offers advice and guidance focused around how to choose a business coach,

because there’s a good chance that you won’t know what questions to ask to tell a great business coach from a poor one. It’s my specialist area and so I can spot the difference quite easily, and it’s a great way for me to gently educate potential clients without being seen to be arrogant about my own skills, or dismissive of another’s.

You’re looking to educate them about what questions they need to ask to keep themselves safe, to get the best value, and how to avoid potential pitfalls. So, for example, your guide may be “seven questions to ask and the three most common mistakes people make when looking at nonsurgical procedures”.

The Best Clinic Will Attract The Best Clients

So, by educating people about what questions they need to ask, you’re moving them away from purely looking at price and getting them to understand value and how to choose the right clinic for them. Ultimately, by sharing the things that you know and that you potentially take for granted, you can give the people that matter to you enough information to make an informed decision.

And don’t forget that the advice and guidance you offer should be available to be downloaded from your website. It’s a big ask to get someone to ring you and ask for advice and guidance, whereas it’s an easy win for someone to exchange their email address for your guide, plus of course then you can follow up with more emails, offering more advice and guidance, free no obligations consultation and any special offers you currently have.

The Best Clinic Will Have A Website That Generates Leads

I’d also recommend sending the guide to everyone who makes an enquiry, and if you do any advertising then do make sure that the downloadable guide on your website is mentioned. If you don’t currently have some kind of download on your website you really are missing a trick and an opportunity to engage with people who are interested in your services but not currently committed to taking action right now.

Positioning Yourself As The Best Clinic, Will make Life A lot Easier

And if you’re looking for an example guide, just go and download mine off my home page, then develop your own to position you as the best clinic.

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach