First Step To Getting A New Client is Building Trust

The first step to getting a client, is building trust.

How do you help your clients spot the good from the bad in your sector?

Ever wondered why some businesses can get away with delivering what you consider to be sub-standard work or standard work at over-inflated prices, but clients keep going back to them time and time again?

Well, unlike you, your clients aren’t experts in your field, so they may not know the difference between good and bad, and they probably don’t know what questions they should be asking their provider either. Not only that, but the warning signs we know to look out for might not be that obvious to a client, so they’re at risk of choosing someone that’s not that good, or that’s about to rip them off because they don’t know any better.

However, you do know all these things, so it’s imperative that you educate people on the questions they need to ask their would-be provider, and things they should look out for. Now I’ve got loads of advice and guidance on my blog, as well as a free download, the “Seven Questions To Ask Before Engaging with A Business Coach.”

To get the guide you simply need to input an email address for me to send it to you. This is often known as a lead magnet, because I’m exchanging something (advice and guidance) for your email address. Once I have that, I can share even more advice and guidance, and position myself as an authority and expert figure — so hopefully when you do decide to use a business coach, it’s me you chose.

If someone is looking at your website, they’re already interested in your services, so I’d highly recommend offering some form of advice and added-value insight so that they can make the best choice for themselves. It’s going to be above and beyond what your competitors are doing, and you’re genuinely helping potential clients.

By Alan Adams