Clinic Pricing – Time and Value Based

Clinic Pricing Should Never be Based On Time

With clinic pricing, never talk about hourly rates as a way of pricing your treatments. I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve seen talk about the cost of the treatment and then add on their hourly rate – this massively undervalues what you do as a clinic, and will really limit the profit you can make.

Value Based Clinic Pricing Will Make You More Money

You should always talk about the value that you are bringing to the client. Your procedures or products are helping your client at an emotional level that is worth significantly more than the unit cost. Think about it for a second. You’re helping your clients to feel better about themselves, that will make them happier, more confident, more outgoing, they may find social or work situations easier, and what price can we put on that.

Clinic Pricing Is Important to Get Right From The Start

People spend £thousands to look great and feel good, however if you talk about an hourly rate it can lack congruence. Say, for example, a treatment was £1000 and you broke this down to £500 for the treatment and £500 for an hour of your time, the £500 an hour may sound a bit excessive. Whereas if you talked about the treatment and what it was going to achieve being £1000 (the ‘achieve’ is whatever the vision of that person is) then the £1000 is real value for money.

Higher Clinic Pricing Is Great To Attract The Right Clients

If you’re struggling with pricing or putting your prices up, just remember all of the training and equipment costs. It may be that over time you have to lose some of your old clients if you’ve been using time-based costings, however if you’re delivering excellent service and a high-end treatment or product you could start to re-educate these clients (especially if it’s in the early days of the clinic). You can talk about (even if you hadn’t before) how these were very generous deals and the prices will be going up soon, however that, because they were early adopters, you’d love to reward them with a special deal…

Correct clinic pricing is essential

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach