Using Strategic Partners To Grow Your Clinic Clients


Get More Clinic Clients Through Strategic Partners

To grow your clinic clients, it makes sense to engage with the people who matter to you most, somewhere or through someone that they already trust, where they feel comfortable, and where a referral or a recommendation is likely to mean something.

Enter the power of affiliate and advocate marketing through strategic partners. It sees you get other people to do the hard work of getting customers for you, and as long as you select *very* carefully based on your customer avatar (if you read my previous blog on avatars you should have this) you can identify other businesses that your ideal client is already dealing with, so already knows, likes and trusts.

Your Potential Clinic Clients Will Already Be Doing Business With Others

What you’re looking for is a non-competitive business, ideally complementary business that you can build a strategic alliance, which works in both of your favours, and gives the client a better experience. A wedding planner who deals with high-end clients may find it of advantage to have a strategic alliance with a top beauty clinic where his or her clients can receive discounted treatments, or enhanced and added-value packages.

This scenario works for everyone – the wedding planner is able to offer the client something extra which can potentially increase the chances of the client choosing to work with them rather than the competition, the client gets better value for money, and the clinic gets a new client who’s likely to return for repeat treatments prior to and even after the wedding. There’s also an opportunity for the clinic to recommend the wedding planner to their clients with some sort of offer, and again the client will see this as getting added value from the clinic, the wedding planner gets a new client and the clinic is thought of more highly of by the client so is less likely to go elsewhere.

Their Clients Can Become Your Clinic Clients

As long as you focus on this always – and I mean always – being a win-win for everyone, it’s a really solid marketing pillar to include in your promotional mix, but do make sure that the business(es) that you align yourself with have very similar cultures and values to yourself. The client experience is consistent and you run much less risk of reputational harm because of something that they’ve done.

Get More Clinic Clients

So, who could you work with? Who matters to the people who matter to you? Who could help you get more clinic clients?