Getting Your Clinic In Magazines

Getting Your Clinic In Magazines Using Opinion Led Articles

Getting Your Clinic in magazines, using Opinion-based articles (often called op-ed or opinion-led) or by-lined articles in magazines or other media are also a great way of raising your profile. Just think about your ideal client thumbing through their favourite magazine and coming across an article about you or by you. Throw in an angle that’s aligned to them and their hopes, dreams or concerns, plus a couple of nice pictures of you and your clinic and they’re going to be a lot more likely to pay attention and – if they’re in the market for your services – a lot more likely to take action.

If People Find Your Clinic In Magazines, They Feel Like They’ve Discovered You

Another reason these articles work so well is that the person feels that they’ve discovered you themselves, rather than that they’ve been marketing to. Try to think of your own examples where you’ve ‘discovered’ a shop or a thing and how you felt about it. My clients who have successfully used this have consistently found that the ‘discoverers’ spendmore money per visit, stay clients longer, and are most open to referrals and up-sells than those marketed to using more traditional marketing pillars.

These articles are thought leadership pieces where your expertise can be evidenced and you can be positioned as a credible leader within your industry. Normally, the headline would be controversial such as “the death of …” while the body copy would be very much more considered, however you should absolutely come down on one side of a debate or the other. Be seen as a person with a definite opinion, as sitting on the fence is often perceived to be weak. Not a position you want to adopt, nor one that you want to be seen to be adopting!

It’s Well Worth The Effort To Get Your Clinic In Magazines

Remember as well, that these articles can also be used in a variety of other marketing pillars, for example include them in your email marketing, put them on your website, get hard copies of the magazines and leave them in your reception, and even cut them out of the magazines, frame them and put them up on the wall.

Pick A Topic You Can Give An Opinion On to Get Your Clinic In Magazines

Choose your ‘expert’ area with care and make sure that you have the ‘right’ to an opinion in the area. Don’t be afraid to share that opinion in a measured way, and then share the coverage as much as you can. Win, win and win!

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach