Increasing Clinics Profile With PR

Increasing Clinics Profile With PR

So, lets say you’ve got a few marketing activities on the go, what else? Well, Increasing Clinics Profile With PR is a great idea, but it isn’t just about using them in isolation, you have to use them across all your marketing activities. Opinion-led articles or PR, for example, is a great way for clinics to generate clients. In my experience, whenever the clinics I’ve been involved with have had opinion led articles or really meaty pieces in local papers or lifestyle titles, they’ve had clients off the back of it. However PR agencies can be a bit hit and miss, so I’d recommend going to and taking their guide on “Top Ten Questions To Ask A PR Agency” before engaging with them (remember the importance of lead magnets on your website).

Increasing Clinics Profile Will Get You Noticed

Now your article might not actually get read by your potential client, so get some hard copies and send a potential client or prospect a magazine with a post-it note attached that you’re on pages five and six and thought they might be interested in the article. Or photocopy the pages and send to them. You could also send it out on your newsletter or place it on your website – in fact, just make sure that you use it wherever you can.

A nice strategy to employ is to get any awards, opinion-led articles, press releases, guarantees and accreditations you have on display in your reception or meeting room. Then, ensure that no matter what time someone turns up for a meeting or briefing, they’re always left for a couple of minutes. What happens is that they start looking around at all the pictures, award, and commendations, so – by the time they sit down with you – their perception is already that you’re expert and very, very good.

Focus On Increasing Clinics Profile

Also you need to have ‘your right to be there’ absolutely nailed. Your right is when you first sit down, or at some point in the first meeting, you tell the client about you and your clinic. This would typically include the years of experience you have in the industry, your expertise, name-dropping clients that are appropriate and who would impress, as well as awards, accreditations, and recent publications you’d been in. You do this so the client completely understands why you have the right to sit in front of them and offer advice. In the client’s head they should perceive you as an expert and so someone they should listen too.

You’ll Make More Money By Increasing Clinics Profile

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach