Raise Your Clinics Profile Through Awards

Raising Your Clinics Profile By Using Awards

Awards are a simple but brilliant way of raising your profile. In fact, just being entered into an award scheme can be used to raise your profile – tell people you’re shortlisted or a finalist in… Perhaps that you’ve ‘been nominated for’…

The Clinics Profile Can Only Be Enhanced

Every industry has their own specific awards and there are plenty of more general business awards that you could enter yourself into. Some of these are national ones like the ‘UK Top 50 Advisor’ award I won (see what I did there), plus there will be more regional or sector-centric awards you can apply for. And don’t worry if it feels like the award doesn’t carry much weight, people will be impressed that you have one.

Better Clinics Profile Means More Clients

This is an excellent opportunity for you to differentiate yourself from the competition. It takes a little bit of time and effort to actually put these applications together, but not only is it a great way to stand out from the crowd, these events are a great night out for your team and a real morale booster, plus they can be fertile networking and new business territory.

To Improve Your Clinics Profile, Make Sure Everyone Knows

There is a specific formula for writing winning award entries and it’s all focused around not just answering the points asked of you, but evidencing them –clearly, with ease, and backed-up wherever possible. If you’re doing it yourself make sure that the judges can clearly understand how you’ve met the different criteria for the award, but do bear in mind that it’s always easier – and usually much more effective – to get a specialist to do it for you. Yes it’s an investment, but being shortlisted or reaching the finals can be a brilliant profile raiser for your clinic. Good luck!

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach