Get Clinic Growth Through Referrals

Systematising How You Get Clinic Growth Through Referrals Is Essential

Referrals are a great way of getting new clients on board and get clinic growth, but it’s important that you encourage this and have some sort of referral program that makes it easy for people to recommend you, if you think it’s too pushy to ask for referrals or offer some sort of reward then you’re doing yourself absolutely no favours. In most cases your clients are really happy with you but they may just not consider recommending your clinic and may just need a bit of encouragement.

It may be that you’re already getting referrals with no reward program in place. But do bear in mind that if someone passes you a referral it’s really important that you demonstrate your thanks in some way, even if it’s just a simple but

thoughtful thank you card and some chocolates. An unexpected gift as a thank you will only make the person more eager than ever to pass you more referrals.

Encourage Referrals To Get Clinic Growth

There are a number of ways you may wish to encourage referrals – you can offer money off treatments, percentage discounts or even a lucky dip where people who give you a referral go into a draw to win a prize. I’d recommend that you have some very good prizes along with some reasonably accessible ones. If you can, I also recommend offering something with a large perceived value that doesn’t cost you much.

Use Value Offerings To Get Clinic Growth

So, for instance it could be a treatment that costs you £50 and a bit of time but has a perceived value (think rrp) of £150, so the client feels they’re getting something special. It can also be worth rewarding a new client that comes via a referral – if the person who gave you the referral feels their friend is also getting something of added value then they’re more likely to freely and readily share their details.

Make Sure All Your Clients Help You Get Clinic Growth

Do make sure that everybody has the opportunity to give you a referral. If you have staff make sure that you have some sort of process to ensure they’re telling your clients about the referral program. And it can be as easy as simply saying to somebody “Jill, I absolutely love working with you, do you know one more person like you who I could help?”…

Just have something in place to encourage referrals and get Clinic Growth the easy way.

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach