Using Competitions To Engage With Your Clinics Potential Clients

Competitions Are A Great Way of Engaging With Your Clinics Potential Clients

Competitions are a great way of getting a cold market (clinics potentail clients) to engage with you. If you’re ever at some kind of event, exhibition or fair where you have a stall it’s imperative that you run some kind of competition. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you’re there just to promote your business, the whole point of you really being there is to

capture potential clients’ details and then start communicating with them.

Make It Something Worthy of Your Clinics Potential Clients

So, what kind of things could you do? Perhaps you could offer your treatments or services as part of the competition – and don’t be mean, make sure the value of the prize is at least a £couple of hundred – that way anyone who’s potentially interested in the treatment will enter the competition and share their details willingly with you.

When you make the prize draw, you’ll naturally contact the winner to tell them the good news, but make sure that you also contact every single other person who entered to tell them they’re the lucky recipients of the runners-up prize! This should be some kind of offer to get them through the door, and remember, they’ve entered the competition for that treatment so they must be interested. Don’t forget to time it by putting an expiry date for the offer, this way they’re more than likely to take action immediately.

Your Clinics Potential Clients Will Engage With You For The Right Prize

Facebook can also be a great source of leads when using competitions, although as I am currently writing this Facebook rules are being updated. Be aware of the fact that if you ask people to like and share your competition to be entered into it, and someone complains, Facebook may find you in breach of their terms and delete your entire business page. And Facebook won’t reinstate your old one so all of the time and effort you’ve put into building up likes could be completely lost.

Remember What The Clinics Potential Clients Are Worth If The Become Clients (Lifetime Value)

So, create a competition with a prize that the people who matter to you want to win. Capture data and communicate with everyone. Offer all bar the winner a brilliant ‘runners-up’ prize. And don’t fall foul of social media rules. Enjoy, and do let me know how you get on and the money this killer tactic adds to your bottom line, and how many clinics potential clients it gets you.

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach