Converting Leads Into Clients For Your Clinic

Converting Leads With Little Tweaks

With your clinic, it should be possible to offer some guarantees so you’re converting leads more often, whether these are time based or service based. It doesn’t have to be money back and don’t make the Ts&Cs a mile long either. I know with some treatments it can be difficult as results can vary due to a large number of factors, however during your consultation with the client you can talk them through everything to get them to understand any potential pitfalls.

I also realise that with some treatments there are regulatory requirements in terms of what you can and can’t say, however try to offer some sort of peace of mind. Sure, you may get some claims against it, however the number of potential clients that you convert into paying clients because of the offer should far outweigh any potential downsides.

Converting Leads Is Easier With Guarantees

This reminds me of the story of a Canadian jewellers, who were at $500,000 turnover. They worked with a consultant and he was really pushing them to do something that scared them, as he recognised that word-of-mouth is a great way to market your business.

What they actually did in the end was genius. Once somebody bought an item of jewellery, they told them that if they lost the jewellery, broke it, a stone fell out or any other type of damage occured, all they had to do was return to the shop and ask for a replacement. Hell, they didn’t even need to bring a receipt with them as they were on the system! None of this was advertised in any of the literature they produced and the jewellers were naturally really fearful of having lots of claims. In fact they set aside $50,000 to cover claims for the first year alone, but were shocked to discover that they actually only had $5,000 worth of claims in that time.

Get Your Existing Clients To Help With Converting Leads

Their offer was so good though, and their customers were so blown away by it that they spoke to their friends and family and raved about the firm. It was a few years ago now that I actually spoke to the consultant who’d encouraged them to take this course of action, but at the time I spoke to him the company was turning over $20 million a year.

Converting Leads Is Made Easier With Advise and Guidance

Again, remember to include your guarantee in your advice and guidance in the ‘questions to ask before you engage with’ document as the expectation that your client should have when they’re looking to engage someone from your industry. There’s a good chance that your competitors won’t have that guarantee and you’ll make converting leads even easier.

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach