Clinics Average Spend Per Client Is One Area You Must Focus On

Getting The Clinics Average Spend Per Client Up

Getting the clinics average spend per client up, is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase your profits is to simply increase the average spend of your customers. If you can get every single client that comes through your door to spend a little more with you, the uplift in profits at the end of the year will normally be quite substantial. There are a variety of strategies and tactics you can employ to achieve this, the first of which is to be aware of all the different products and treatments that your client might potentially take from you and have these in place.

Clinics Average Spend Is An Important Figure

However it isn’t enough just to have the products or treatments available, you also need the sales process and sales scripts to help these customers buy them. And remember, this isn’t about being a super-pushy salesperson, it’s about acting as a consultant in the best interests of the client. It all links back to the sales formula I talked about in a previous blog, which is D x V + FS >R, the D being their dissatisfaction, the V being their vision, FS being first steps, and R being the resistance or objections, because ultimately all you’re doing is helping your client achieve their ultimate vision.

Help Your Clients and The Clinics Average Spend Will Go Up

It is important that you don’t try to sell everything on the first appointment though, as this will probably overwhelm your client. If you offer too much it may confuse them and confused people will always default to doing nothing, so it’s about getting them on board as a client firstly, getting them to know, like, and trust you, then introducing them to other products and treatments that will help achieve their vision (potentially better or faster). I recommend doing this as part of the consultation process, and you can even pre-warn customers that after two months you’ll sit down with them and do a complete overview or assessment of their plan and that you’ll offer recommendations completely free of charge (the consultation obviously, not the treatments or products).

Clinics Average Spend Is One Area You Should Focus On To Increase

Ultimately this is about really understanding what your client is trying to achieve and then offering a solution to help them achieve that. Just remember that you’re not selling to them, you’re helping them to buy what’s best for them, the side effect is that Your clinics average spend will go up.

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach