Marketing Clinics, What You Must do

Marketing Clinics You Have to Understand Your ROI

Marketing clinics these days is a lot easier, the old adage that ‘50% of my marketing is working, but I don’t know which 50% it is’ is no longer true today. Pretty much all of the marketing that you do should be easy to track and measure.

If you’re using direct online marketing such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) you can see exactly how many people have clicked on your advert and gone through to your website so it should be relatively simple to then measure the conversion ratio that your website or landing page is achieving. (One of my previous blogs focused entirely on Google adwords and what you should expect from a Google adwords expert so do take a few minutes to check-it-out if this is an area you’re exploring CLICK HERE).

Getting Clicks Is Only Half The Battle When Marking Clinics

Suffice it to say though, that generating, design and placing the advert, and then getting people to click through, is only half of the battle. Getting them to your landing page and getting them to take action is equally, if not more important. If you get a lot of people clicking through on your ads with a low conversion rate on your landing page or website then there’s most certainly something seriously wrong with one or the other (you could try having a lead magnet CLICK HERE if you’re not sure what that is) .

Marketing Clinics is All About Measurement

Outside of this, measurement is equally important. If you’re using adverts or direct mail it’s always worth using tracking numbers – these are landline numbers that you can hire for as little as £2 per month. When people ring them they’re captured and at the end of each month you receive an itemised bill so that you can see exactly how many calls each telephone number has received. This way, when a telephone number is attached to a specific advert or direct mail piece you can see exactly how that is performing in driving people to call you.

You Can even Use Old Fashioned Methods When Marketing Clinics

You can also use promotional codes to see where people have come from, although it should always be part of your sales script on an initial enquiry to ask how they heard of you. Remember though that if it was through Google it’s important to ask if they can remember the exact wording they used to search for you, and also what drove them to Google in the first place

And remember that Google Analytics is most certainly your friend, and any links back to your website that you generate (for example if you are tweeting, emailing, using PPC or any other type of online link) you can assess and measure how successful your marketing clinics is.

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach