Clinic Sales Scripts to Convert More of Your Consultations

Clinic Sales Scripts

Don’t be under any illusion, you must have a sales process, and you must have clinic sales scripts. To not have these will really impede your growth and your ability to hand over the job of sales to a sales person – whether now or later. Believe me when I say that having neither of these will cost you dearly

You probably haven’t seen this equation: D x V + FS > R = Sale (yes I know the less glamorous medical meaning of D&V but think of this with your business hat on). It’s actually from a change formula developed during the 60s for businesses and corporations who wanted to carry out institutional cultural changes, but was adapted for sales in the 80s.

With most clinics, no matter the sector, normally the people sitting in front of you are there for very emotive reasons. They either have to be there, or they’re there because something has really been seriously bothering them. In a world that seems to push perfection, people are feeling more self-conscious than ever about their appearance, and this has a knock-on effect on their self confidence that can impact on every area of their lives so it’s important to understand exactly why they’ve come to you.

Clinic Sales Scripts Are A Must

The D is the dissatisfaction or pain the customer has, V is the vision of what they want, FS is the first steps to get them to buy and R is resistance, which will be typical objections that you get to buying from you, or buying from you now.

The idea is that you talk to the customer about their dissatisfaction, making that D as big as possible, really digging around to find out what it is that’s paining them. Get as much detail as possible, and ask them how it feels to be in that situation. Normally you have to ask a question at least three times before you uncover their real pain. Drill down and get them to describe, in depth, how they feel and what it means to them personally – where you can, make sure that the descriptions are vivid and rich.

Good Clinic Sales Scripts Will Make a Huge Difference

Then, start building the V vision and again make this huge. Ask them to describe their perfect situation. Really dig around, ask what that looks like, what personal impact it has on them, how it will feel, what that would do for them, what impact it would have on their life and family. Make the vision bold, rich, and real. The bigger you can make the D and V, the easier the sale will be. And remember that this isn’t about manipulating people, it’s simply about helping them to buy.

The FS, or first steps, is all about making the sale as much of a no-brainer as you can. Think payment in instalments, offering a money-back guarantee, 30 day trial periods, reminding them about any other cast-iron guarantees you have, in fact anything that you can do to get buy-in.

Clinic Sales Scripts Give You The Best Chance Of Converting Someone Into A Client

The R, or resistance are the common objections you get from your clients and it’s just about having your answers ready and reminding them of their dissatisfaction and vision. Once your customers decide to buy a little, they’re likely to go the whole way because they’ll already have made the decision to buy from you, and as people like to feel that they’ve made the right decision, they’ll look for evidence to support this. Enjoy, and let me know how you get on with your clinic sales scripts.

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach