Five Things You Must Do To Get The Best From Your Clinics Website

So you want to get the best from your website, you could probably do a few different types of lead magnet or white papers, so that no matter what the person on your website is looking for you’ll have a guide that will help advise and coach them. Also, make sure that you have a lead magnet on every single web page. I was speaking to a web design agency that had tracked all the visitors to different websites they’d designed with no lead magnets, and what they found the visitors were all doing (and they all did pretty much the same thing), was they’d hit the Home page, then look at the About Us, then the Contact page, before leaving without taking any action. If nothing else have something on your contact page for them to download as well as a last ditch effort to get their details.

Make sure as well that you have some strong photos of you and your team. As humans we’re pre-programmed to look at faces, and we want to see who we’ll be working with, so have videos there too which give an insight into who you are and your culture, and give people the opportunity to see you and connect with you in every way possible. Also avoid using stock photos, you want to build trust so get a professional photograph in to take pictures of your clinic.

Again think about who your avatar is with all of this. My partner’s website is full of personality and pretty funky which is very deliberate as those are the sort of clients she wants to attract. If you were boring and a bit square, you’d probably wouldn’t like it, but that’s okay because you probably wouldn’t get on with the business anyway, so making sure your values and personality shine through your website is a great pre-qualifier.

Next, think about the services you’re targeting. You have a couple of choices about which landing pages you direct people to, so, on your website you can have dedicated pages where you have a page specifically for a service, but have it set up like a home page (so slightly more context-rich with a couple of lead magnets for people to download).

The other option is to have a satellite website which is where you have an exact design copy of your general website but change the content so that it is specifically tailored for each core service with its own appropriate URL and you can then drive your potential service-centric clients to that website. It shouldn’t cost too much as the web designer is just copying the original website template, then placing different copy and pictures on there. The only potential downside of this tactic is that if a client then finds out that you do other services, it might be seen that you’re not 100% transparent or that you’re being a little sneaky, but only a bit.

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach