How Can A Business Coach Measure Success?

How can a business coach measure success?

One way is every single time I sit down with someone, at the end of the meeting I say are you happy? Is there any more I can do for you? Have we missed anything?

And if there is, we can put it right, although typically everyone says they’re really happy. Again, I give guarantees around what I’m doing, so literally there’s no commitment for the first couple of months. Once you’ve got the plan and all the rest of it, if you’re not happy, you can walk away and you get your money back.

Also, I can see the success in my clients, I can see their turnovers going up, I can see them having more time off.

I can see at the end of the accelerator coaching programme, they’re visibly more relaxed and typically have more time to do stuff, because if you’re in that sort of situation where you’re constantly working, you’re feeling guilty when you’re at home with the kids because you should be working.

And then you’re at work and you’re feeling guilty, because you’re not with the kids, then that’s something wrong with the work-life balance and I address this quite early on in the coaching.

So the results are typically more time and more profit.

By Alan Adams