Think You Don’t Have Time To Engage With A Business Coach?

So, you don’t think you’ve got the time to engage with a business coach, I completely understand that. Business owners are the busiest people on the planet.

However, a really great business coach will help you get time back. You see, it’s all about your business enabling you to live the lifestyle you want. Typically, that’s more holidays, time with the kids, whatever it is, but your business has got to give you that. If you haven’t got time today or this week to start focusing on what’s really important, then when will you?

That’s what a business coach does, they pull you back from the business and get you working on what’s important. What typically happens in the majority of businesses is that you just end up being busy and working on what’s urgent, not what’s important, that’s why some many businesses even years later haven’t made much progress.

And that’s why we pull back from the business, get you working on what’s important and get you to start making decisions faster which will save you so much time it’s unreal. I’ve worked with many people through my workshop programme who have been so, so busy. Literally they couldn’t do anything, they were just swamped by the one business they had.

And I can think of one person, once we got his time management stuff under control and he positioned himself slightly differently, he had so much time on his hands that he actually opened another business and he said to me: “I feel like I’m cheating, because I’ve now got two businesses and I’ve got more time with the kids.”

A good business coach will really help you get your life back, get you that work-life balance and actually give you time by learning to making better decisions a lot quicker.

By Alan Adams