Worried That You Can’t Afford A Business Coach?

Worried about the cost implications of engaging with a business coach?

So, you’re worried about the cost implications of actually engaging with a business coach. I completely understand, you know we’ve always got other areas we could be spending money on, but a really great business coach will give you a massive return on investment within your business.

Every challenge you’re currently facing, whether it’s marketing, sales, staffing, whatever it is, it’s been fixed before, and all the business coaches I know who are the really good ones, they’ve been there and done it, and actually worked through it with their own clients or they’ve worked with people who have.

So, it’s about getting the fixes in there, getting you focused on what’s important within your business to actually get you to where you want to be. And we’re talking about lifestyle, not the business, the business has to give you that lifestyle you want or what’s the point?

Also, what are the cost implications of not doing it? If you’re working really hard now, where you’ve got slow growth, typically, people go along, they get a little bit of a raise, then they’ll get hit by something, and they drop down again.

If your growth isn’t strong enough, if you’re not standing out for all the right reasons, what’s going to happen? How are you going to feel in two, three, five years’ time, when you’re hardly any further ahead?

My invitation to you is to find someone who resonates with you and engage with them, and if you’re not too sure what you should be looking for, then take a look at this video on questions to ask your business coach.

By Alan Adams