Stop Procrastinating and Just Get It Done!

Do you find yourself putting off important tasks over and over again? If you do, you’re definitely not on your own!

Most people tend to procrastinate to some degree but apparently around 20% of people allow procrastination to stop them fulfilling their potential… and that’s the kiss of death for anyone in business. Especially if you want to be super successful!

The experts say that in order to overcome procrastination, you need to first recognise that you’re doing it, then work out why you’re doing it.

Usually it’s because we don’t enjoy doing that thing and we try to avoid it, sometimes it just boils down to being disorganised… and sometimes we procrastinate because we just don’t feel we have the skills and we put it off because we’re overwhelmed.

Here’s my own take on it.

To most people, marketing doesn’t come easy and because of that, this can be the ‘thing’ that doesn’t get done. If this is happening in your business, it’s SUICIDE because marketing is the single most important thing you need to do every day.

If you’re not good at marketing – get good at it! No excuses! If you don’t enjoy it, it’s probably because you’re not doing it.

Believe me, when you start seeing your business grow exponentially as a result of the marketing you’re doing, you’ll LOVE marketing!

And if your problem is being disorganised, how hard is it to turn off the phone, your email and all other distractions, to close the door and focus for 90 minutes every day when you’re at your best?

Here’s a word of advice. If there are things that you’re ‘trying’ to do yourself (or that you’re just putting off) that you’re not good at or you don’t enjoy OR if they are taking up time you could be spending getting and keeping customers, get them outsourced ASAP!

Smart clinic owners have structured things, so they spend their time GROWING the business. They focus ONLY on what matters the most – and they get help with the rest!

Spend your time getting good at marketing, developing your business and building your network NOT on things that need to get done but that don’t need to be done by you!

So, there you have it – my instant cure for procrastination!

Have a great (super productive) week!

By Alan S Adams