Can A Business Coach Help You With Staffing Issues?


Okay, so you’ve got staffing issues. Can a business coach help with that? Absolutely.

There are certain strategies and tactics you can implement into any clinic which will help you solve your staffing issues. But this needs to be led from the top: it’s about engaging with the staff and getting them to engage with the business.

They need to feel like they’re part of something and that they are important, the one thing I always talk about is ‘if this was to become the best clinic in the country to work at, what would have to happen?’

Now, the answer to this will depend on the team of people you have working for you, so what works in one clinic may not work in another, but by even asking the question you are separating yourself away from 95% of clinics in the UK.

For example sometimes when I’ve sat down with a clinic owner, the same name keeps coming up, they’ll be one person in the team that’s making things difficult. Well, if you nail your culture, start doing appraisals, define what 100% is and there’s everything in the online membership area with all the tools you need to help you create a great team.

I can absolutely guarantee the people that you’ve got who are the problem will either leave of their own accord or they will change, which is what you want to happen. But either way, it’s good for the business.

Just on the subject of losing skilled people, if they’re not the right person they need to go – even if their skill set is difficult to replace, it will be short term pain for the business. But it will be worth it, it’s all about getting the right people into the business and into the right seats.

All the challenges you’re currently facing staffing wise, can be solved by somebody and it is my job as a business coach to help find those solutions – in a lot of cases, I’ve already got them.

By Alan Adams