Had a Business Coach Before And it Hasn’t Worked For You?

So, you’ve had a business coach before and it hasn’t worked for you?

Now there’s two possibilities here.

One: the business coach wasn’t really that good, in which case, go and have a look at ‘Questions To Ask Your Business Coach’ which will educate you on how to spot the good and bad ones.

I know there are bad eggs, I’ve gone into a business myself after they had been working with another business coach for two years, and I was talking about sales and marketing strategies and all the things they could do to overcome some of the challenges they had, and they were just giving me blank looks, they literally hadn’t heard any of this stuff.

I was really surprised, because this business coach charged tens of thousands of pounds for his advice! And I was sitting there wondering what he’d been doing. So, they are out there.

The second question to ask yourself is did you really implement what the business coach suggested? If you didn’t, maybe there were personal circumstances going on or whatever, then no matter how good the business coach is or how great the idea is, if there’s no implementation, then there really aren’t going to be any results.

I hope that’s helpful for you!

By Alan Adams