Can a Business Coach Help You Generate More Sales?

Can a business coach help you generate more sales?

Can I help you get more sales as a business coach?

Absolutely. This is one of the core areas I personally focus on and as a business coach this is the biggest challenge for SMEs.

I’d actually try and steer clear of any business coach who isn’t constantly updating their knowledge around sales and marketing. People quite often say to me: ‘I want more clients’.

No, you don’t. What you want is more leads and then what you’re going to do is convert more of those leads into paying clients. There are two very different processes there, it’s about understanding your marketing options and what you’re actually doing to drive people to your website – there are so many different options.

You know for you individually you might want to do some and not others, but again it’s about educating you so that you understand the questions to ask and how to engage with people who know this stuff.

There are a lot of businesses I’ve been in to where they’ve just had a website done and it looks great but there’s no calls to action, there’s no downloads, there’s no chat boxes, the blog isn’t set up to engage with people.

I mean the whole point about a blog is that you drive people to it, then there’s call to actions or stuff they can download or you know you push them into different areas of your website.

I’ve seen people spend tens of thousands on their websites and they haven’t got these basic things in there. There’s quite a few more things around the website but it’s about educating you so that you know how to spot a good web designer, because a good web designer’s got to be a good marketer.

It’s about using all of these different things and your marketing should be all interlinked so if you’re getting some great PR done, get some copies of those magazines, send them to potential clients, photocopy this stuff, send it to people, put it on your wall, send it out in your newsletters.

Again, you combine all these areas to really maximise everything that you’re doing. And then when you think about converting people, you’ve got to think about the psychology of people who come into your business and how to engage with them.

I’ve done courses on all sorts of things that will help you build a really good sales process – it’s all about understanding that customer journey, what are the emotions they’re feeling as they go along, because you’ll be able to do things that will help them engage with you.

Take for example buyers regret, if someone purchases off you, is there something you can send a couple days later to reconfirm they made absolute the right choice, so they’re engaging with you more?

As for sales and marketing, a really good business coach will absolutely be able to help you in that area because it’s typically your biggest area of challenge.

By Alan Adams