Your Clinics Attitude Will Determine Your Success

Your Clinics Attitude Will Determine Your Success

Clinics attitude is everything, during the recession in the 1990’s there was an insurance company on the east coast of America and, like most businesses, they’d been hit hard and were struggling. One day, the owner came into work, looked around the office and noticed, not surprisingly, that the sales people were flat, the atmosphere was glum, and that it just wasn’t a great place to be.

But then he had an epiphany. Even if these were good times, even if there was no recession, they would have practically zero business coming in because of everyone’s attitude. And he went on to think that if his guys were like this, then the competition must be similar, which meant that no-one was out there actually selling to potential clients.

Your Clinics Attitude Is Everything

What he did then was to get the sales people in to sit down with him one at a time and he asked them to set some personal goals that they’d like to achieve financially – whether that was getting a new car, going on a great holiday, or making home improvements – he got them to concentrate on these positives. He went on to explain that the competition wasn’t out there selling, so there was a huge opportunity for them to grab loads of businesses, and with the exception of one guy (who soon left) everyone was on board. And guess what? The company doubled its turnover, during a recession, and attributed the whole growth to simply thinking differently about their circumstances and concentrating on positives.

People Will Notice the Clinics Attitude, Good or Bad

When I’m working with groups, given the chance I always ask the question “What makes a person successful?” Regardless of who I’m working with, there’s always a long list: confidence, happiness, focus, a positive attitude, great communication skills, a good work ethic, luck, charisma, consistency… The list goes on, but the results are always the same. When you look at the attributes of a successful person and break them down into zones, 10% will always focus on features which relate to the person’s mind and intellect, 10% will be skills-based, and a whopping 80% will be attitude-based.

Clinics Attitude is Very Telling

And that’s great news because you decide your attitude, and it’s your attitude that will pretty much determine your skill level, intelligence and ultimately how successful you are with your clinic. The right attitude will establish your discipline and your ability to follow through on what this book will teach you. Decide now to take action and commit to giving yourself, your family, and the people important to you, the life you all deserve.

By Alan Adams