How’s Business Coaching Changed In The Last Decade?

How has business coaching changed over the last decade?

I’d say one of the biggest changes is access to online digital assets.

I’ve actually produced an online digital access for my own clients, it’s about 20 hours’ worth of video in there, a lot of them are just short five-minute chunks so they can download stuff.

If they’re thinking ‘oh I can’t quite remember what that was Alan was talking about’ so they can go in there, download it or watch it, and it’s making their progress a lot faster. As a coach, it’s a brilliant asset to be able to produce for your clients.

Again, when people ask me questions, I can just put stuff straight into the vault and just say it’s in the vault, go and look at it, and of course the questions they’re asking are probably applicable to other clients as well.

So that’s one of the of biggest changes for me in the last decade for coaches.

By Alan Adams