Questions You Must Ask To Ensure You Get A Great Business Coach

There’s good and bad within every industry, so to make sure you engage with the good business coaches and avoid the bad ones, here’s some questions that you want to be asking them:

What support have they got personally and professionally?

As a business coach, you’ve got to be walking your talk. So, think about whether they’re going to be engaging with high net-worth coaches or mastermind groups or being mentored by somebody who’s really been there and done it.

This is absolutely invaluable, not only for the business coach but for his clients as well, the stuff I learned from doing these sorts of things is worth hundreds of thousands to my clients.

Do they have a formal programme that they can run people through?

I’ve developed mine over several years and it keeps me on track to make sure that my clients get absolute maximum value from what we do. Normally, the really great business coaches will actually have some sort of methodology behind what they do.

What classes and events have they attended recently? What can they recommend?

As a business coach, you’ve got to have a real thirst for learning because we’re in such a fast-moving world these days, things move along so quickly. You’ve really got to be constantly learning or attending events.

I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of pounds over the last decade staying abreast of what’s going on, best practices or engaging with people who’ve niched into certain fields and are real experts at that, so I can then share that knowledge with my own clients.

Do they belong to any organisations?

They should be a member of a professional organisation which shows they’ve met and maintained certain criteria.

Have they published any material?

I’m not saying everyone’s written a book (although I’ve actually written three). But they should’ve at least produced some white papers or written articles in magazines and be disseminating that, because content is king. So for you, as a business, you want your business coach to be able to show you how to produce this stuff so you can engage with your clients.

Do they have any digital assets you can access?

Think about, it’s a digital age now, I personally created an online asset for my clients they have access to 24/7. There’s about 20 hours of video in there, there’s documents about all sorts of stuff so that they can access to help them keep on track and really, for me, they’ve sort of got access to my IP 24/7 and it really helps people. It’s just another string to the bow of what a really well thought out business coach will be doing for their clients.

I have got more information on questions to ask your business coach on my website, so please take that and I hope you found this video and blog really useful.

By Alan Adams