Why Awards Are So Important

#TheSalesWarmUp is everything that happens prior to sitting in front of your client, some of the strategies your potential client might not even notice if they’re missing.

However from a psychological level, they are essential to making the actual sale as easy as possible.

Awards are one such sales warm strategy and you’ll benefit from:

  • Visibility: A raised profile can attract new clients or partnerships, giving you an edge over your competition
  • Validation: An award speaks volumes about the products and services you’re supplying, it adds substantially to its credibility
  • Reputation: Awards can greatly increase your reputation, where somebody may just think you are good, on hearing that you’ve won an award, their perception of you can go from good to great
  • Testimony: It’s also evidence of the businesses hard work, strong ethics and dedication to their field and the fact that recognised for this
  • Differentiate: It can help you stand out, I quite often use the analogy that for your client trying to choose a your services, it’s a bit like looking into the bucket of rusty nails, they’re unsure which one to pick, if you can be the bright shiny nail, they are far more likely to choose you.

Given all the positives that winning an award can give you, such as potential new clients, better retention of existing clients and boosting team morale (a night out to an awards event is a great team building opportunity) it’s a great one to add into the #SalesWarmUp as early as possible

I’ve judged quite a few award entries, If you’re not sure of how to apply for an award and get the best chance of being a finalist or winner, check out my previous blog on Five Steps to Massively Increase Your Chances of Winning an Award.

By Alan Adams