Five Ways to Grow Your Aesthetic, Medical, Cosmetic and Dental Clinic

Different Things You Can Do For Clinic Growth

One of the biggest mistakes clinic owners make is to focus solely on the marketing of their business, and typically they’ll focus on just one marketing pillar rather than the six or seven strong ones they actually need to be feeding in to their website or getting the phone ringing.


The number of leads you get should be the first thing you’re measuring. So, if you’re getting people to call you, you need to know where they’ve come from. Tracking numbers (these are phone numbers that exist in cyber space but

are directed to your landline or mobile) are a great way of achieving this because you can simply look at the itemised bill for that particular phone number, and see straight away how successful any advert has been.

If your strategy is to drive people to your website then you absolutely need to be using Google Analytics so that you can track where people are clicking through from – emails, social media, pay per click, and the like.

Increasing Leads For Clinic Growth Is The First Thing To Look At


If you’re struggling for leads, then do make sure that you have a complete understanding of the options open to you to increase them. To name but a few, you could consider:

Knowing your avatar (Ideal Client)

Lead Magnets (Advice and Guidance)

Website Optimised Correctly and Working for you

Grow With Referral Programs


Strategic Partners

Magazine Adverts/Flyers

Opinion Led Articles in Magazines


Google Adwords

Understanding Your Return On Investment

Your Clinical Website is Awesome, So Now What?

When Marketing Your Clinic, Think About “Who” You’re Targeting

All of these should lead directly to your website or they should be focused on getting people to pick up the phone and make an enquiry.

Next For Clinic Growth And Often Overlooked Is How You Convert Those Leads


Once you know how many people are enquiring, then you can then look at how many people go on to book a first consultation, (these can be free but do make sure that you get a deposit for the booking) and that will give you your conversion ratio. If you get 10 enquiries and five consultations, for example, you’ll know your conversion ratio is 50%.

And once you know your conversion ratio you can try to increase it by:

Using scripts

First Call With A Potential Client

Following-Up (or following-up better)

Team Training (and training yourself)


Your ratio of converting consultations into paying clients is critical, as this really is the best chance you’ll ever have of getting this person to engage with you. And remember, it’s genuinely not about selling to them, it’s about helping them to buy. If you need to convert more of your consultations into paying clients, then consider:

Sales Scripts to Convert

How to Raise Your Profile

Understanding the Lifetime Value of a Client


Once you have someone on board, you also need to consider how often and how much they’re spending. There may be high and low figures but there will always be an average spend per month. Consider:

Increasing the Average Spend

How Price Rises or Cuts Affect Profits

The Difference Between Time and Value-Based Pricing

Psychology of Pricing and Having Different Price Points

Understanding What You’re Making on Each Procedure

5. Other Stuff You To Increase Profits

It’s the little things you do every day that make the difference, great attitude and really good self management (time management) will have a huge impact on how successful you are.

Increasing Profits Through Better Time Management Part 1 

Increasing Profits Through Better Time Management Part 2

Increasing Profits Through Better Time Management Part 3

How to Succeed? You Have to Think Success

To Build a Successful Clinic You Need Focus

Your Thinking Will Determine Your Clinics Success

Does Your Clinic Have a Why to Give it Direction?

Mindset is Everything In Your Clinic

All this will help with clinic growth, but make sure that you have a robust working business plan to get you there.

By Alan Adams The Clinic Coach